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How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink

How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Most of people may think that the running water could keep their sink pretty clean. In fact, the sink is the dirtiest spot of your kitchen, and it is far from enough if you just clean it with running water. Here we are going to introduce some practical tips when you clean different types of sink.


Step 1: Scrub and rinse. When cleaning most sink , A mixture of mild dish soap and water is the best option, such as copper range hood. While for the stainless steel range hood, it is better to use a baking soda, water paste and a vinegar rinse.


Step 2: Clean the nooks and crannies. You can use water and vinegar rinse to soak faucets, nozzles and sink filters. Using a deep cleaning brush to wipe off the dirt along the faucet base and the drain pipe.

Step 3: Disinfect it. To make the stainless steel sink flash,you can add 1:1 vinegar and water to the spray bottle to wipe it clean. Vinegar includes acetic acid, a natural disinfectant that effectively kills common bacteria. For surfaces that are not vinegar safe, use a mixture of hot water and antibacterial soap.

Step 4: Clean your tools. Don’t forget to scrub your sponge holder, dish brush, and sink mat when you clean the sink.

Step 5: Keep it tidy. In order to keep the kitchen healthy, please change the sponge and dishwashing brush regularly, and fix them in the clean bucket of the dishwasher.

📄File Download:

Maintenance Information for Copper Sinks from Range Hood Master


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