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⏱Limited! July 4th Sale: $350 Off(code: I350RM)! Start Your Art Piece with RHM Today!
⏱Limited! July 4th Sale: $350 Off(code: I350RM)! Start Your Art Piece with RHM Today!



1. How often should the non-ducted range hood filters be replaced?
It depends on the frequency and type of cooking that is performed. Normally, every three (3) to six (6) months is recommended for replacing the charcoal filters.

2. What size do I need for my sink? How can I make this determination myself?

APRON SINK: A 36″ cabinet will have an opening of 34.5″. Often a 33″ apron sink is placed inside a 36″ cabinet and then cabinet trim is placed on either side of the apron to fill the gap, unless, you place the apron on top of the cabinet.

TRADITIONAL SINK: A 36″ cabinet will have an opening of 34.5″. Often a 36″ traditional sink can fit inside a 36″ cabinet AND you can determine if you want the “Rim” or “Lip” of the sink to sit on top of the countertop, OR, the Rim/Lip can mount under the countertop (in the latter case the Rim/Lip will sit on top of the cabinet)

3.What size do I need for my hood? How can I make this determination myself?

WALL MOUNT COPPER HOODS must be the same width OR greater than your cooktop, no exceptions! The Copper Range Hood should be ideally about 33″ above your cooktop. 30″ above the cooktop is acceptable but maybe too low for some individuals. 36″ above the cooktop is also acceptable but it may not vent as well. 

ISLAND HOODS are typically 36″ off the cooktop and WIDER than the cooktop by 3″ on both sides.

4. What range hood styles do you provide?

There are 3 types of range hoods for you to choose.

WALL MOUNT COPPER RANGE HOOD:Finished on 3 sides and mounted to the wall directly above your range.

ISLAND MOUNT COPPER RANGE HOOD:Finished on 4 sides and hanging from the ceiling above the island.

UNDER-CABINET MOUNT COPPER  RANGE HOOD:Attached to the underside of the cabinet above your cooking area.

5. What materials are used in your hoods or sinks?

All of our products are made from 14-16 gauge 99.9% pure copper sheet with NO lead.Unlike other company,we only use newly mined copper instead recycled copper. They are handmade by skilled artisans at our workshop,so each item is unique.

6.Are any other material available?

We have the ability to use aluminum, stainless, brass to make our hood.However, the hood type you want must be provided to us,then we will contact the workshop for further confirmation.

7. Can i customize the hood size?

Of course,just give us dimensions for a custom sized hood.

8.I want a hood with a crown& apron that isn't listed.Can you do it?

Of course!Send us images of crown& apron you like and we will try our best to make a great custom hood.

9. If I have already built a custom hood for my kitchen, can i purchase hood insert only?

Of course,we offer a variety of stainless steel hood liners that come in size 30”-60” with CFM ranging between 610 to 1266CFM.

10. How can I determine the CFM I need for my kitchen?

There is a well known understanding that you should have a minimum of 1cfm to every 100BTUs or BTU equivalent. You can add up all the burner BTUs on your cook top and divide that number by 100 to determine your vent strength(CFM).

11. How do I care for my copper sink and copper hood?

Caring for your Copper Sink and or your Copper Range Hood is super easy. All you need is a standard dish soap, warm water, and a soft kitchen sponge. All surfaces will eventually accumulate some type of grime, dust, or build up. The dish soap and warm water will sanitize the surface physically and visually while  the soft sponge will keep the surface from being scratched. Never use steel wool or a copper cleaner. The steel wool will mar the surface and the copper cleaner will strip the copper to a brand new penny look.

12. How do I pay for my order?

We accept PayPal as a payment method for your order.You can also pay with a Credit Debit Card.

13. Can I get a sample?

We offer a free copper sheet sample pack to help you check the quality and determine what patina and texture you want.

14. Can I see what my copper hood/sink looks like before production?

Absolutely!We will send you a drawing approval and color &texture preview images to assure that you are satisfied with the design.Product will not be made without your approval.

15.Will I receive a confirmation after I place my order?

Yes, when you completes an order, an email will be sent to you to confirm all the order details,including the size,price,address,etc.

16. Can I make changes after my order has been placed?

Yes,as long as the product has not been processed for production.Price difference will be charged if you want to to change it to a larger size.

17.How do I track my order?

As soon as your order has been shipped, we’ll notify you by email and provide you with the tracking information for your package!

18.What methods of delivery do you offer?

We use DHL or FedEx service for all standard orders.

19.How long will my order take to arrive?

Lead-time from production to delivery for customized products is about 8-12 weeks after receipt of the approved CAD drawings.

20.I want to receive my order quicker,do you offer faster shipping options?

Yes, we now offers expedited shipping options via DHL. Custom orders using expedited shipping is expected to be delivered within 5-7 weeks from drawing approval date. For in-stock products, the lead time including the delivery time is about 2-4 weeks. If you need expedited shipping,please contact us prior ordering.

21.What are the shipping costs?

All purchases made at RangeHoodMaster ship free. Expedited service is also available for an additional charge. 


22.Do you ship internationally?

Yes,we are able to ship our products overseas. (outside North America)

23.What is your return policy?

You have 48 hours, from the date that you received the item, to contact us and ask for a “RGA” form (Return Goods Authorization). We will issue a RGA form via email, which can be placed on the box and will be used by the pick-up carrier.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it.Your item must be in the original packaging.

We charge a flat 20% return of the original purchase price if you return the product simply because you no longer need/want it.

24.What do I do if my order is damaged or defective?

We guarantee that at the time of shipment that your product is new,unused, undamaged .If it were to arrive damaged,contact DHL or FedEx customer service department ASAP.Once you have your customer service case number, you can submit a claim on DHL or FedEx.

25.Do I need to pay the shipping cost of returning items?

No,we offer free return shipping,but keep in mind,you will be charge a restocking fee of 20% of the original purchase price when return non-defective merchandise.

26. How long will it take to process my return?

After we have received your item,you are expected to receive a refund within 3-5 business days.You will get the e-mail notification once the refund has been processed.

27. Which is better, ducted or ductless?
Range hoods should be ducted to the outside of the home. While duct-free filters trap some of the grease and odors from normal cooking, the humidity, smoke and heat will all be re-circulated back into the home. If the duct-free filters are not regularly replaced, eventually the grease and odor catching effect will no longer protect your home from impurities.

High BTU gas cooking equipment should always be ducted to the outside of the home. If this is impossible, high performance convertible hoods and filters are available in some models.

28. How much CFM do I need for my Range or Cook Top?
For high output gas ranges or cook tops, the minimum rate of 100 CFM of ventilation per 10,000 BTU is recommended. 

 29. What is CFM for a range hood?

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. It is a unit of measurement used to describe the volume of airflow delivered by a fan, blower, or other types of air-moving equipment. CFM represents the amount of air that passes through a given area in one minute. It is commonly used in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems to specify the air handling capacity of equipment such as air conditioners, heaters, and exhaust fans. The higher the CFM rating of a fan or blower, the more air it can move through a given space.

30. Will my hood or sink change color over time?

No, Rangehoodmaster copper products will not oxidize. All our copper products have a clear coat baked onto the hood or sink to preserve the color.