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Anniversary Supper Sale: Limited $400 Off (code: 6RM400 )! Start Your Art Piece with RHM Today!


Hood Maintenance Guide

SAFETY WARNING: Never put your hand into area housing the fan while the fan is operating!

For optimal operation, clean range hood and all baffle/spacer/filter/grease tunnel/oil container regularly. Regular care will help preserve the appearance of the range hood.

Cleaning Hood and Liner

  • Clean the exterior surfaces of copper range hood periodically with hot soapy water and clean cotton cloth. Do not use corrosive or abrasive detergent , or steel wool/scoring pads, which will scratch and damage the hood surface.
  • If range hood liner (stainless steel) looks splotchy , use a stainless steel cleaner to clean the surface of the hood. Avoid getting cleaning solution onto or into the control panel, Follow directions of the stainless steel cleaner, CAUTION: Do not leave on too long as this may cause damage to hood finish. Use soft towel to wipe off the cleaning solution, gently tub off any stubborn spots. Use dry soft towel to dry the range hood insert.
  • After cleaning, you may use non abrasive stainless steel polish such as 3M® or ZEP”, to polish and buff out the stainless luster and grain. Always scrub lightly, with clean cotton cloth, and with the grain.
  • DO NOT allow deposits to accumulate or remain on the hood.
  • DO NOT use ordinary steel wool or steel brushes. Small bits of steel may adhere to the surface and cause rusting.
  • DO NOT allow salt solutions, daisinfectants, bleaches, or cleaning compounds to remain in contact with copper range hood for extended periods. Many of these compounds contain chemicals, which may be harmful. Rinse with water after exposure and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Cleaning Filters(Baffle Or Aluminum Grease):

IMPORTANT: Drain oil from oil containers before oil and residue overflow!

The metal filters fitted by the factory are intended to filter out residue and grease from cooking. It need not be replaced on a regular basis but are required to be kept clean.

Frequency of Cleaning:Filters should be cleaned after every 30 hours of use.

Steps of Cleaning:

  1. Remove and clean by hand or dishwasher.
  2. Spray “Formula 409°” or equivalent degrease detergent and leave to soak if heavily soiled.
  3. Dry filters and re-install before using hood.

Files Download: 

Maintenance Information for Stainless Steel Hood