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⏱Limited! July 4th Sale: $350 Off(code: I350RM)! Start Your Art Piece with RHM Today!
⏱Limited! July 4th Sale: $350 Off(code: I350RM)! Start Your Art Piece with RHM Today!


custom natural copper sink

The Benefits of Copper Sinks

  • Hand-hammered

To get gorgeous and unique hammered copper texture,our skilled artisans spent times carefully hammering every square inch of the range hood.Unlike machine made copper sinks,each one of ours has slight difference in details,even they may look the same.


  • Beautiful
The copper natural patina and hand-hammered texture gives you kitchen a vintage,rustic,warm feeling to create a palace where you and your family enjoy cooking and having dinner.Needle to say, this copper sink definitely can be the focal point of your kitchen,drawing the attention of the guests and friends and bringing you a lot of compliments.This not only raises the resale value of your house,but also elevate the look of kitchen,making it a good addition for both traditional and modern kitchen decoration.
  • Functional
The single bowl sink usually features a large and deep basin that can accommodate large pans and pots.The double bowl sink come in a range of sizes and configurations,ranging from equal spit double bowl to 70/30,30/70,60/40,40/60 double bowl.If you are a multitasking person,the double bowl design promises versatility,which means it allows you to wash and doing food prepare at the same time.
  • Sound Dampening Technology
Thanks to the anti-bacterial properties of copper,keeping your kitchen sink sanitary dose not require a lot of work,making it a great choice for busy people.For daily use,simply wipe the sink down with a clean and soft cloth to keep it dry after each use.Regularly clean the copper sink with soft cloth/rug/sponge,warm water and mild soap.Don’t use abrasive chemicals and cleaners.Avoid using hard metal scouring pads,such as steel scoring pad or steel wool.The baffle filter can be easily cleaned in the dish washer.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
The rubber pads on the back side and bottom of sink absorb the vibration produced by waste disposal and the noise made by high pressure running water,which enable the sink to work quietly when in function.Washing dishes without worrying about the annoying noise!
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