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Merry Christmas! 🎉$400 off (code: CM400RM)orders over $3,000 and $450 off (code: CM450RM) orders over $5,500. Start Your Art Piece with RHM Today!
Merry Christmas!🎉$400 off (code: CM400RM) over $3,000 and $450 off (code: CM450RM) over $5,500. Start Your Art Piece with RHM Today!


Custom Copper Chimney Pot CCC-008

Original price $999.00 - Original price $999.00
Original price
$999.00 - $999.00
Current price $999.00
A Copper Chimney cap is an excellent choice if you want to improve the look of your chimney and cover multiple flues.

  • The copper chimney not only keeps the flue from rain and snow but also prevent animals and debris from getting into your chimney.
  • Additionally, It also prevents the infiltration of downdrafts into your building, which increases the energy efficiency of your house.
  • It adds a beautiful and sophisticated addition to your roof, results in a surprising increase in the curb appeal and market value of a building.
  • Both the chimney cap and the mesh are constructed from heavy-duty 99% pure copper, which provide durability to last decades of use.
  • Large size option to protect multiple flues as well as the entire chimney crown.
  • There are a wide variety of colors and designs for you to choose to reflects your personal style and match the look and style of your home.
  • All caps and pots are custom made to order to exactly match your chimney. Please send us your specification prior to ordering.