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Memorial Day Sale: Limited $350 Off (code: MM350)! Start Your Art Piece with RHM Today!
Memorial Day Sale: Limited $350 Off (code: MM350)! Start Your Art Piece with RHM Today!


Stainless Steel Concise Custom Kitchen Hoods for Vishal

SKU SH8-4TRB-Vishal
Original price $5,321.00 - Original price $5,321.00
Original price
$5,321.00 - $5,321.00
Current price $5,321.00

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Item: Stainless Steel Custom Kitchen Hoods SH8-4TRB

Body Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel

Strap finish: Brushed Brass

Straps only as your custom design,  No rivets or pot rails

Size: 48'' Width x 42'' Height x 24'' Depth

Ventilation: 48"" Liner+1150CFM Internal Motor (8" round duct)

Price(internal vent): $5321.00

Ventilation: 48"Liner+1260CFM Remote Blower (8"" round duct)

Price(remote blower): $6820.00

If you want to customize the size of your range hood, please contact us prior to placing your order. We will reply with drawing within 24 hours. (Please feel free to email us at

Wall-mounted range hood

  • Hood Width: Wall-mounted range hoods should be at least as wide as the range.
  • Hood Height: A typical mounting height for wall mounted hoods is between 30" and 36" above your cooktop above the cooking surface.
  • Hood Height = Ceiling Height - Stove Height - 33"or 36"

Island-mounted range hood

  • Hood Width: Island-mounted range hoods are recommended to be 3"-6" wider than the cooking area.
  • Hood Height: The recommended range of installation height for island mounted range hood is about between 30" and 36" off the cook top.
  • Hood Height = Ceiling Height - Stove Height - 33"or 36"

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The hood is beautiful as you can see in the pictures. I found range hood master online and the all process was amazing. I emailed Naomi the design, colors etc. she created my design and added it to the website. Great customer service, communication, price and most important great hood. Thank you.


When we open the carton, it looked beautiful in the crate~ Now we finish the installation, here are photos of the installed hood. Looks great!

Bryan Amaral

The copper range hood looks great. Very nice. We appreciated how quickly the seller got it done.