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🔥Special Offer: Limited $300 Off (code: APR300) + Free Shipping! Start Your Art Piece with RHM Today!


5 Top Consideration When Select A Custom Range Hood

5 Top Consideration When Select A Custom Range Hood

A range hood can be a focal point for your kitchen. They define the style of our kitchens while it is great function to keep your kitchen clean. But how to select a custom range hood to your kitchen and what to consider when buying a custom range hood?

Tips: The best time to choose your range hood is before you start your remodel or new build. The vent model can be 6’’, 10’’ or even 12’’ inches duct. So it is important to decide your kitchen hood before starting a kitchen renovation.

  1. About your kitchen

Decide your kitchen style. To decide your range hood design, you need find one to match your kitchen style. For metal range hood with Rangehoodmaster, it is with full customized designs for modern, traditional, contemporary to vintage,rustic, farmhouse, cottage style.

Know your kitchen size. Decide the model of range hood you’ll need. The range hood style can be wall-mounted, under-cabinet model or island.

Tip: To determine which range hood will be best for your home, you'll need to measure to determine the correct cubic feet of your kitchen.

  1. Get right size of your kitchen hoods

Size matters for your custom range hoods.A proper hood size will not only help your hood to function better and also will make your kitchen stunning. The new hood should be at least as wide as the range or cooktop and preferably 3 inches longer on each side.

Wall-mounted range hood

Hood Width: Wall-mounted range hoods should be at least as wide as the range.

Hood Height: A typical mounting height for wall mounted hoods is between 30" and 36" above your cooktop above the cooking surface. Hood Height = Ceiling Height - Stove Height - 33"or 36". For example for a 9ft ceiling, that will be: 9*12-36-33=39'' so is 39'' Height.

Depth: for a range hood depth that is the same or 2-3`` less than your cooktop depth. (secure head safety)

Island-mounted range hood

Hood Width: Island-mounted range hoods are recommended to be 3"-6" wider than the cooking area.

Hood Height: The recommended range of installation height for island mounted range hood is about between 30" and 36" off the cook top.

Hood Height = Ceiling Height - Stove Height - 33"or 36"

Depth: for a range hood depth that is the same or 2-3`` less than your cooktop depth. (secure head safety)

  1. Materials of your Range Hood.

A custom range hood can be wood, copper, stainless steel etc. materials.  A custom metal range hoods can be a good choice when you go for a custom hood as it can be design in various shape, size, color, texture which can fit with any of your kitchen style.

Stainless steel range hood for modern kitchen.

curve stainless steel kitchen hood

Copper range hood for a farmhouse kitchen.

Find more custom metal range hood here.

  1. Ventilation

To find a suitable ventilation,first, how often do you cook? What do you like to cook? Frequent cooks who love Asian cooking and fried food will need a higher CFM range hood. On the other hand, those who seldom cook can find a less powerful hood.

Second, consider noise of the hood ventilation. You can actually decide how quiet you want it to be. A sones of the hood ventilation might help you to decide when buy a ventilation. Typically, a quiet range hood is between 5-13 sones depending on their design, power, and size. Also you need to check with your city the restrictions on blower power that they may have before deciding what to purchase. The vents from Rangehoodmaster are general will meet you needs. To know more RHM hood vent here.

General ventilation types are Internal Motor, Remote Blower, Ductless Conversion. A internal motor are most chosen and if you live in an apartment, you will most recommend to a ductless range hood.

  1. Budget

A budget is a core element for buying a custom range hood after all of your sourcing. Rangehoodmaster provide a factory directly price with qualify handcraft range hoods.

Size- The larger the hood, the more expensive it will be but also show your kitchen outstanding. Material - metal range hood might be a proper budget choice while in good quality & duality.

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