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Memorial Day Sale: Limited $350 Off (code: MM350)! Start Your Art Piece with RHM Today!


custom stainless steel range hood

Top 9 Stainless Steel Range Hood in

Custom unique hood to your kitchen renovation & remodeling

Rangehoodmaster fabricates custom stainless steel range hoods in a number of styles and finishes. Also the hood can be custom design based on drawings and dimensions you provided. Stainless steel material is extremely durability, easy to maintenance and can be well integrated into various styles of kitchens, while is also unique and distinctive in your kitchen. Handcrafted metal makes custom stainless steel range hoods in curves, angles, slope, box, barrel etc styles. Neutral silver and gray tones of stainless steel accommodate perfectly into modern kitchens and provide an unique feeling.

Top 1 SH3 Series Curve Range Hoods

custom kitchen range hood

Classic curve style with clipped corner, no kitchen will reject this simple yet decent & elegant style. Whether your kitchen is traditional, contemporary, or vintage in style, a classic design of your hood will never fail you. Classic is the final eternal trend!

Top 2 SH1-2TRM Initiative Convex Curved Kitchen Hood

custom stainless steel vent hood with gold brass accent

Curved Shape with innovative middle curve design and barrel curve of lower body make it stand out in many hood styles, widely applicable to most kitchen from contemporary, classic to modern styles. This hood can be customized by Rangehoodmaster in about any configuration,any color & size etc you can dream up.

The straps and rivets are optional. They can be the same finish as the body of the hood or they can stand out with a different finish like stunning brass or even unique copper straps & rivets to make your kitchen modern and antique.

Top 3 SH1-2BTR Industrial Dome Hood 

This model features gorgeous convex curves with stunning straps & rivets. Details like rivets or straps, trim can be made of many different metal finishes (polished or brushed brass, polished stainless, matte black, white, copper etc.) that lend a more vintage or a more industrial feel. The model can be customized to complement a wide range of kitchen design trends.


Top 4 SH8-4TRB Angle Style Stainless Steel Hood Vent

SH8-4TRB Angle style metal range hood would look beautiful in any style home and are very widely selected by customers. Simply hood sketches, well fit to any space in any kitchen and also as a good choice of under cabinet range hood. The range hoods are fully welded on all corners and seams giving this sloped style hood a seamless perfect look.Highly recommended!


Top 5 SH35-2VT1HT Slim Chimney Style Range Hood

Refined Curve style, slim elegant chimney style, large slope surface make SH35 Unique and outstanding in your kitchen. It is the new trend for recent periods and are high complement in modern and industrial kitchen.



Top 6 SH33 Designer Double Curve Hood for Kitchen

Unique designer unit, The SH33 model range hood cover can make a huge difference to your kitchen remodeling.  Also the range hood can be a great opportunity to add a pop of color (white, black, blue or your custom color painted)in an otherwise, neutral kitchen.

white custom range hood stainless steel color painted

Top 7 SH11 Under Cabinet Slope Style

This model is designed with elegant sloped style and 3-side range hood with apron,which is really good to fit cabinet and cabinet kitchen without extra gaps. Also best choice for under cabinets hoods. The stainless steel hood style can be very classic, vintage feel and will stand the test of time.



Top 8 SH9-4TRL Barrel Shape Custom Range Hood

The Barrel range hood is an typical design and one of the most common range hood styles in kitchens of the past, present and future. It is commonly installed to fit between two cabinets, but work well for a stand alone feature in the modern kitchen.


Top 9 SH31-BT Shiplab Tapered Vintage Style Hood

A tapered hood with crown moulding is best used in a traditional or transitional kitchen design. The shiplab tapered style give a traditional look, which can be a choice for a temporary and farmhouse kitchen.

A range hood is a necessary part when come to your kitchen renovation remodeling. Besides sucking up food odors and preventing your house from smelling, a range hood can be a focal point of the space, adding style and appealings to your kitchen. To fully accommodate your kitchen, you can completely customize every dimension and feature. To get started, click on the style you like to contact us. Rangehoodmaster will work with you to produce a one of a kind kitchen.


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