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Anniversary Supper Sale: Limited $400 Off (code: 6RM400 )! Start Your Art Piece with RHM Today!


Three Types of Custom Copper Range Hoods

Three Types of Custom Copper Range Hoods

Having a good hood above your the range can help to suck grease and smoke, keeping your kitchen air fresh. There are a few different styles of range hoods, and you need to choose the right one according to your kitchen space and design.



Copper wall mount hoods are the most popular range hood type in our stores. If you have space to mount directly a hood to a wall, the copper wall mount range hood will be an elegant addition to your home's aesthetic. They are only finished on 3 sides are of steel and the other side is hollow. Thus, it is impossible to use it as a island installation. 



Copper under cabinet hoods are mounted below a kitchen cabinet and located above the cook-tops. Since it is space saving,it is a good option if you have a smaller kitchen or when your range is installed directly under your cabinetry. The installation of this type of range hood is quite easy if you already have finished the DUCTWORK in the cabinet.



A island mount hood is the only solution to remove unwanted cooking fume or smoke if you have an island cooking space. Island hoods are finished on all four sides, and they turn a necessity into a focal point in your kitchen. As its name implies, this type of vent hood attach to the ceiling above an kitchen island. An island range hood can also work as a wall mount range hood if you like it.

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